Short Term Pain - Long Term Gain

Small change initiatives can often be easily absorbed into BAU with the benefits of these changes quickly realised.

For larger, more complex projects, the change can have a significant impact on any and, quite often, all, departments within the business. This can result in reduced operational efficiency and customer service, especially when it hasn't be properly considered and managed in the initiation phase of the project.

In an environment like we have today with resource challenges in every industry, we don't always have the option to backfill business areas to release subject matter expert into projects. The results of which is a significant resource challenge internally. The management team need to balance business as usual customer servicing needs with the delivery of strategic change initiatives. This short-term pain while the project is delivered ultimately supports the longer-term strategic objectives of the business.

Choosing not to accept the short-term pain will impact the strategic direction and overall efficiency of the business in the long-term.

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