Change Management: It Never Pays To Cut Corners

One of the most common definitions of corporate culture is, “It’s the way we do things around here.” When delivering effective and successful organisational change, often “the way things are done” changes too.

Cutting corners also leads to non-compliance of laws, regulations and missed opportunities. Its simply good practice to make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. The message of cutting corners runs through a company and leads to a poor culture across the organisation – it just leads to non compliance across the whole business.

Introducing changes to the culture within a large organisation requires more than experienced project managers, a foolproof project plan and the addition of change management resources.

It requires a holistic approach – one that is based on a solid strategy and brings together a team of people that includes positive influencers, business leaders and focused change agents.

Projects which apply effective change management are five times more likely to meet the project objectives. This is a statistic that any organisation should ignore at their peril.

It is also a compelling argument to ensure that when projects are planned, change management resources in the form of managers and communicators who understand the engagement process are carefully selected and matched to the requirements of the project.

We at Sabre help organisations access the most experienced change management practitioners to help build competency, provide specialist advice and ensure projects fulfil their change objectives.

Sabre provides a partnership to its clients to clearly identify their change management resource needs and then draws on its network to assist in filling that requirement. It’s our holistic approach that we like to think sets us apart. Our service is an ongoing relationship and a continuing investment in our clients’ success.

Sabre can help you take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Get in touch with us today to talk about what we can bring to your business.

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